2016 – Graduating from University, learning and growing as a person and slowly figuring out what I want to do in life. As quickly as the next two days are going to go, 2016 has flown by. Like blink of an eye, quick. There has been highs and there has been lows, but in between all of that you learn. Here is what I have learnt in the year that was 2016.

I can achieve what I set my mind too.

I am hard on myself, I strive to be the best in whatever I do. But I also don’t believe in myself. Add being a perfectionist on top of all of that and it is a lovely combination of believing that I won’t succeed. However, I am learning that I can achieve what I set my mind too. Being told I wouldn’t be able to go to University after graduating from high school was difficult, as I have wanted that for as long as I could remember. My first semester, two years since being in high school I was close to dropping out. I thought I wouldn’t be able to pass, let alone finish my degree. But I knew if I gave up I would disappoint myself in ways that I can’t describe. I stuck to it and hear I am now with a degree sitting proudly on my desk. Graduating and being able to pull through personal struggles is the ultimate reminder that if I put my mind to it I can achieve anything.

Stay determined, don’t give up.

To say 2016 has been difficult, is an understatement. Graduating at the beginning of the year, I was excited at the prospects ahead of me. It hasn’t been easy. Job after job, I wasn’t hearing back or getting the awful “sorry we have filled this position” email. I was left feeling useless and down. There was times I wanted to throw in the imaginary towel and as badly as I wanted to, that is not how I roll. If you give up, who is going to do what needs to be done? No one. I kept trying and trying, eventually getting an internship which taught me so much about the industry, myself and what I want to do. It’s a lesson that no matter what you can’t back down, you need to keep going and not to give up.

Things happen for a reason.

Going along the lines of the above, 2016 is a reminder that in life things happen for a reason. Being rejected for jobs is difficult but I soon came to terms with the fact it happened for a reason. As badly as I wanted those positions, perhaps it wasn’t the right fit or the right time for me. There is better things out there, it just takes time and determination.

People come and go.

2016 is another year that has taught me that not everyone is meant to stay in your life. I have lost friends and I have gained friends. In my eyes, it is all for the best. People come and go as you need them, but true friends. The friends that will lift you up and be there for you, will forever stay by your side.

It doesn’t change, unless you make changes.

This may be shocking but things don’t change, unless you put effort into making changes. I get into a mood where I am content staying at home, not making plans or socialising and I question as to why I am in a bad mood that I am not out living my life. I am getting better at making plans and going out to enjoy myself. Even the smaller things, instead of randomly sitting down at my laptop and doing nothing, I make sure to spend the time wisely. Networking, researching things that I enjoy and making plans are on the agenda instead. Looking at it with the perspective of doing tasks that will benefit me and makes me feel fulfilled has helped a great deal and I hope that 2017 I continue making the right decisions to get to where I want to be.

The power of networking.

Networking is incredibly powerful! 2016 has seen me network with incredible brands and people. Honestly it is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do. Through Facebook groups of like minded people and collaborating with brands, I have learnt so much and I know that networking is going to be a big part of what I aim to do in 2017.

Take time to just breathe.

I am a ball of stress, I will admit and I am constantly overthinking. Whether it was from university or stressing over what I am doing with my life, I never felt calm and at ease. My house was broken into and with stressing over what to do next year I couldn’t sleep. Laying there for hours and growing with frustration, I turned to mediating. I downloaded the app Calm and sat down and just took some time to breathe. I have never felt more calm in my life after those meditation sessions, I need to do more but it has helped greatly to just breathe.


Spend more time outdoors.

University is to blame for me being a hermit and not venturing outside. But graduating in 2016 meant that I had time to venture outside and not sit behind a desk, slaving over assignments. Referring to “it doesn’t change unless you make changes,” I made more time to spend outdoors. Walks along the beach, trekking through forests, spending time in the sun working on my tan or just eating breakfast outside. It is amazing how time spent outdoors, makes you feel.

What have you learnt in 2016?

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