A Day Out: The Sunflower Fields in Warwick

Around a two hour drive from Brisbane, nestled between Warwick and Allora sits a sunflower field. The horizon from December to March glows yellow from the ever stretching fields. A perfect photo opportunity, as well as immersing yourself in the beauty that is the Southern Downs region of Queensland. This was my first time visiting the sunflower fields in Warwick and it’s absolutely stunning. So if a day trip is needed or you are simply wanting to explore more of what the surrounds of Brisbane has to offer, a trip to the sunflower fields in Warwick is a must!

Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia


After plenty of research before heading off, we ventured towards the small town of Allora. The sunflower route between Allora and Warwick at the time wasn’t in bloom. Reading that there was several fields off the beaten track within the area of Allora, we took the Polo on some questionable roads to see if they were there. There was nothing but fields of nothing, at this stage the thought of “is there going to be any sunflowers?” popped into my mind. Heading out of Hancock Lane, a location where the elusive sunflower fields were supposed to be. We decided to turn left back onto New England Highway, heading towards Allora our luck changed. Across from Geitz Road, the old Allora Racecourse sits and now is home to rows of sunflowers.

Photo Opportunities

Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie ZofiaSunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia

The opportunities for photos here are truly endless. Close ups of the flowers themselves, long distance shots to gain a sense of the sheer amount of sunflowers and of course if you have a drone send it up for a completely different perspective. As for photos of you, well it is a perfect chance to get different angles and bring out those poses. Twirl, walk or simply stand and take in the beautiful surrounds. Move the camera up higher and slightly down in order to see the vastness of the field behind you. Or opt for getting close and using the sunflowers in the foreground, allowing it to be slightly out of focus (Iike the photo above and below)

Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia

Outfit IdeasSunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia

Personally I love white and in a situation like this where I can twirl, I’m going to twirl. In saying this I took the route of going with my favourite designers that being Spell, Aje and Lack of Color. I’ve been eyeing off the Spell Abigail Lace Tie Side Skirt for a while, knowing it will be a perfect addition to my wardrobe as well as allowing me to twirl until my heart is content. Aje recently launched a summer capsule collection and well take my money. As soon as I saw the Carine Off Shoulder Crop it was a match made in heaven. As well as the chance of twirling, if there is the chance to wear a hat I will. The Lack of Color and Zulu & Zephyr collection saw The Mandy Shader appear on my radar. Boxing Day sales came around and I decided to treat myself. When planning what I was going to wear for these photos, these three pieces instantly came to mind.

I suggest a dress or skirt that is flowy in style if you love those twirling shots. Whites, purples and blues are perfect with the yellows and greens of the sunflowers. Having a slight bohemian vibe to the outfit is perfect for this environment within the sunflower fields in Warwick. Being in the sun for the duration of perfecting the shot calls for a hat, plus it adds a whole other element to the photos and outfit. Opting for a straw hat is best for that natural vibe. Designers for clothing ideal for sunflower fields are Arnhem Clothing, Spell, Aje and Auguste The Label. Plus these designers create gorgeous pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe. My go to for any style of hat is Lack of Colour.

Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie ZofiaSunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia

Safety Issues

The particular field we visited is on New England Highway, a highway stretching between Warwick and Toowoomba. A constant flow of traffic and lack of parking is a disaster waiting to happen. Two days before we went, there was two accidents. I strongly suggest parking off the road on Geitz Road or if you are in a 4WD driving slightly further to the end of the field and parking in the grass off the road. Also most sunflower fields are on private property so make sure to be respectful, don’t cut the sunflowers etc.

Please note that due to the fields being on private property if you can see a farmer around ask for permission. In recent years farmers and locals are becoming more irritated due to it being considered trespassing.

Sunflower Fields in Warwick - Codie Zofia

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