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Gold Coast based activewear label, Harmony Inspired The Label is combining high quality, fun prints and functionality for busy women. In addition, the goal to inspire women through positive vibes and to encourage and motivate them is at the forefront of the companies ethos. As a result, you have a brand that is here to inspire you to live a healthy and positive life.

The beginning

As a personal trainer, Pilates barre instructor and yogi. Harmony saw a gap in the market for vibrant activewear that could be worn all day and be incorporated into the lives of busy women. Through the passion of fitness, yoga and fashion Harmony’s initial concept progressed into what we know today, Harmony Inspired The Label with good friend Caroline. Launching in 2015 with the #stoptheviolence tank top, created to take a stance against domestic violence. Just after Christmas of 2015, the Harmony Inspired The Label leggings were released.

First of all they kept in mind that their activewear could potentially be worn all day long. In addition to that, the importance of finding a material and style that was incredibly comfortable. Yet was going to deliver the purpose of being made for being active and unique prints that sees fashion and fitness merge were all important factors. While taking into consideration creating fun prints that allow fitness and fashion to come together.

Creating a business

The creation of Harmony Inspired The Label came with numerous hurdles, explains Harmony. As a result of the sheer passion, support and vision of what they wanted to create and why this assisted them in staying motivated. The creative side and the building of a community via their label is something that Harmony and Caroline love. However, the time, research and effort needed to create a label was stressful. When Harmony Inspired The Label first came to be, Harmony and Caroline didn’t know many female entrepreneurs. Now being surrounded by supportive females entrepreneurs, this has greatly helped them in moving forward and growing.

Harmony Inspired - Codie Zofia

The trials and issues of starting a business

When Harmony Inspired first started the issue of not seeing acceptance of their new brand by other companies, businesses or people in general came to light. Knowing their products were high quality, made at the same manufacturers as the top activewear labels in the world and with the same luxe materials. Harmony and Caroline believed in their products. Brand recognition in the early stages of the business saw difficulties, especially due to a very limited budget in marketing. Both Harmony and Caroline are parents, Harmony to twin boys aged five and Caroline to two year old twins and a five year old daughter. Consequently the juggling of the work/life balance became a challenge. Time management became a crucial factor, but more importantly knowing when to switch off. Therefore the concentration of allocating business hours to prevent being consumed with work is major in work/life balance. Through this it allows you to remember the value of living an inspiring and active lifestyle. It does take time to master the art of the work/life balance and allocating time for yourself but Harmony can’t stress the importance of this.

The philosophy

Harmony Inspired The Label’s philosophy is simple. It is to live an inspiring life. Essentially meaning that you are your own inspiration, your aim is to live a life full of adventure and full of love. They believe that everything that you need in order to make your soul sing is within yourself.

Most noteworthy is the creation of their slogan #InspireMoveShine in order to simplify the brands philosophy. The below is what each word that creates their slogan, means to them.

1. Inspire – Be the inspiration in your own life, be an inspiration for others and help make this world a brighter place by shining bright and radiating your positive vibes!

2. Move – Move your body daily! It doesn’t have to be strenuous, just move it organically and embrace the freedom of movement. Moving daily will encourage you to live an active life full of adventure. Find new ways to move every day.

3. Shine – Shine your light! We are all individual, we are all unique and have a radiant light that we can shine to help brighten up the wonderful world we live in.

Harmony Inspired is wanting their customers to feel an abundance of different feelings while wearing their activewear. Everything from feeling inspiration to move in a way that feels right for you. Feeling proud to be wearing a local Australian label created by two hardworking and passionate mums. Radiating confidence in their own skin, confident in conquering any activity in their activewear and confident that they look as vibrant while working out in Harmony Inspired. That you are being supported by not only the garments but by the Harmony Inspired Tribe. Not to mention feeling beautiful inside and out.

Harmony Inspired - Codie Zofia

How I felt

I am someone that loves a good legging. Nothing brings me joy then a legging that is comfortable, high quality and fits well. Harmony Inspired ticks all of those boxes. Not to mention the fun prints and the feel of the material. I took the Spot me legging and the Boho Peach Capri for a test, to see if they withstood bending, flexing and of course the squat test. I am happy to say that they certainly did. All the while making me feel amazing and comfortable. Previous leggings have cut into the back of my knees and have been immensely uncomfortable. Both pairs of Harmony Inspired Leggings, this didn’t happen. They passed the squat test with flying colours, no transparency whatsoever which always makes you feel at ease in the gym. The way they make you feel, not to mention the fabric and fun patterns is a certified winner. Whether it is for yoga, pilates, gym or simply a comfortable pair of leggings to wear while running errands. Harmony Inspired has you covered.

Harmony Inspired Tribe

It is one thing to create a brand that the products are high quality and the customers keep coming back. However, it is another aspect to create a meaningful brand that assists in the wellbeing and happiness of their customers. In the case of Harmony Inspired, they have done just this via the Harmony Inspired Tribe. A community of customers, followers and friends that are there to support and create a community. Wanting to create a safe place, where all their clients can contribute and support one another on their health and wellbeing journey. They have done this via creating a Facebook group: Harmony Inspired Tribe – #InspireMoveShine as this supportive forum.  Through the input of the members, it will assist in shining a light for others, supporting one another on their journey and help them reach their goals and dreams. This group has been created in order to share their inspiration with others, whether that be with inspirational quotes, fitness motivation, healthy recipes, support or your latest selfie in your Harmony Inspired Activewear!

Harmony and Caroline would love to invite anyone reading this to join our FB group:

Advice for aspiring activewear designers

Get ready for one big journey! There is a lot more to it than what meets the eye! You have to learn to wear a lot of hats, including a design creative, business manager, marketing consultant, sales rep, brand advocate, collaborator, social media expert, website designer, accountant, receptionist and that’s just a few off the top of my head! However, in saying that, the personal growth, the people you meet along the way, the experiences you gain, the places you end up and even the confidence you gain within your abilities and yourself are for sure worth the wild ride.

Always remember why you started.

Build a good support network around you

Always stay true to your brand ethos and values

Always stay true to your personal ethos and values.

Accept that you will get a lot of “No’s” in the beginning but don’t let this discourage you as people have not yet seen what you are capable of, only you know that and you will get your chance to show them all what you can achieve.

Be sure to take a look at Harmony Inspired’s website here

Harmony Inspired - Codie Zofia

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