A little bit about the person behind the screen and business

The Business…

I believe that every image should tell a story and that high quality content, along with creating a consistent brand image are the keys to success. Creating gorgeous on brand content is something that I pride myself on and has become a focal point in assisting in the development of my own business. On brand content that allows your products to shine, is a guarantee to make you stand out from the crowd. Codie Zofia Creative is all about letting the vibes of your business shine through. Creating gorgeous, on brand content and assisting you with developing a cohesive brand image. It is all about the vibes attracting your tribe, to allow your business and products to flourish.

During the two years of working for myself I have worked with Australian and international brands. My work has been published across social media, websites and within Girlfriend Magazine Spring/Summer 2019.

This is me…

Forever in love with photography throughout high school, but with no clue that I could pursue it as a career. My eyes were set on the world of fashion. I studied and received a Diploma of professional styling and completed a short course in fashion drawing. My grade ten photography teacher stopped me one afternoon and asked if I would consider a career in photography. I simply shrugged it off, at this time Instagram was essentially nonexistent. Having not been surrounded by photographers or content creators seen on Instagram now, I didn’t think it was a possibility. I hadn’t even heard of the term content creator at this point.

Graduating high school in 2011, with experience in retail and visual merchandising I was confused as to what to do. So I set out on a self discovery mission. I continued working in retail and ventured off to Europe. After Europe the lightbulb went off, I wanted to study but something that would allow me to be creative. So I decided on a bachelor of communications, majoring in public relations and journalism.

Throughout university I was working within the industry, seeing my knowledge in the realm of content creation, social media management, photography, public relations and design grow. But it was my love for photography and content creation that blossomed.

I made the move to Bali in February 2017, where I spent a couple of months working predominately in influencer relations and design.

After living and working in Bali, I came back to Australia seeking a job. Numerous job applications and receiving silence started to make me believe it was a sign. So I took the plunge and started my own business. The variety of roles within the industry has given me such in-depth knowledge. Not to mention my traits and skills that would be ideal for the work I love to do. So my business was created.