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hI, i'm codie

Codie is a conceptual beauty, cosmetics, lifestyle, beverage and food product photographer. Based in Brisbane, Australia but working with clients internationally.  She specialises in creative direction, styling, photography and editing for imagery and stop motions that can be used for commercial, advertising, editorial, product, and social media projects. Codie is here to bring your vision to life from creating mood boards/ briefs to styling, photographing and editing.

Codie is passionate about creating stunning and on-brand visuals for brands in the beauty, lifestyle, health, and beverage industries. Known for a keen eye for detail and a love for creativity, Codie strives to bring each product to life through meticulously crafted photography.

In every shoot, Codie’s goal is to capture the essence and personality of the brand, ensuring that the visuals not only stand out but also resonate with the target audience. Understanding the importance of cohesive and compelling imagery in building a brand’s identity, Codie is dedicated to delivering photos that reflect each brand’s unique story and values.

With years of experience and a deep appreciation for the artistry involved in product photography, Codie is committed to providing high-quality, impactful images that elevate brands and make a lasting impression. Whether it’s a luxurious beauty product, a vibrant lifestyle item, a health-related good, or a refreshing beverage, Codie approaches each project with the same level of enthusiasm and precision.

Codie is ready to work with you to create beautiful visuals that highlight the best of your brand.

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