A self confessed bikini lover and living in Queensland (aka the sunshine state), Australia it is evident why. I have been along for the journey with Triangl when they first started and their classic triangle halter neck bikini was born. When you find a great bikini company you tend to stick with them. A bikini that is designed well, comes in amazing colours and patterns and has a point of difference within design is something Australian label, Triangl has excelled in. The Triangl Coco Stardust Serenade is a bikini everyone needs. Continue reading for more photos!

Triangl Coco Stardust Serenade

Made with neoprene, aka wetsuit material these bikinis are smooth, structured and a fantastic shape. Not only that but they are comfortable! Soft to wear and extremely supportive, especially relevant is how you feel in them and I will say I feel amazing!

Triangl Coco Stardust Serenade

High shine silver neoprene and pretty crochet detailing on this top is AMAZING! A match made in heaven, the silver and soft powder floral print on the bottoms is an ideal contrast!

Triangl Coco Stardust Serenade Triangl Coco Stardust Serenade

Triangl is including the cheeky cut bottom into their designs, as this trend is taking over the world of swimwear. Excitingly, you have the ability to choose normal or cheeky in the bottom shape before checkout. Triangl are nailing this design, which is leaving me incredibly happy and obsessing over the cheeky cut swimwear even more!

$100 and under for a bikini set, that allows you to mix and match the sizing and choose the bottom shape is incredible. Most of all, Triangl is a brand that is constantly designing gorgeous pieces that are of high quality and affordable.

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Location: Kingscliff, New South Wales