Bikini Love: Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie

Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie - Codie Zofia

This series may be named bikini love but occasionally there will be a one piece in here to spice things up. No better way for the first one piece to be from Queensland label, Une Piece. Delivering must have swimwear for women that are full of style and sensuality. Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie is changing the game in terms of what to wear while spending time by the water. Combining elongated and elegant lines, high quality lycra, a zip that completely changes the look and not to mention the colour – It is all you need in a one piece and more. It will leave you feeling like a Bond girl. Continue reading for more photos and details on the incredibly gorgeous Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie.

Une Piece Original Sexy Rashie - Wear To NextUne Piece Original Sexy Rashie - Wear To Next

Long sleeves creating elongated and elegant lines, are accompanied by a zip starting at the waist. The zip is a perfect addition to the long sleeved one piece, fastening at any particular height. As a result, allowing you to wear the one piece however you wish, whether that’s conservative or sexy. Due to the waist panelling, it clinches and supports your natural shape. No matter your shape or size it is going to make you feel incredible. The Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie is designed to flatter, which it does.

Une Piece Original Sexy Rashie - Wear To NextUne Piece Original Sexy Rashie - Wear To Next

Being Australian, I love supporting local brands that are creating products that are truly remarkable. Une Piece is no exception. The thought behind Une Piece, not only in terms of design but in functionality is exceptional. As an Australian, particularly a Queenslander the message of sun safety is predominant all through our life. Une Piece has considered this in their design and material. Most importantly, Italian lycra with a UPF50+ rating offers protection from the solar ultraviolet radiation, sunburn, skin damage and reduces the risk of skin cancer. In addition to the benefits of the Italian lycra, it is important to mention the durability of the fabric and the fact it is four and half times more chlorine resistant. Lastly, the completely eye catching colour it is in. A blue that mimics the topaz waters of the South of France, where the inspiration behind Une Piece originates from.

Une Piece Original Sexy Rashie - Wear To Next

If you are just as obsessed as I am with the Une Piece Original Sexie Rashie, be sure to shop the post below. As well as their new styles! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite style and colour is!

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