Checking In: Vacay Co

I will forever be in awe of people that create stunning properties in order to share them with the world via Airbnb. Coming across Vacay Co last year on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with the design and aesthetics. Vacay Co combines Queensland living, the love of the outdoors and ejecting New York aesthetics via a loft and industrial accents.  I was lucky enough to win a one night stay at this gorgeous property. Experiencing what this Airbnb is all about first hand, consequently grew my appreciation for the finer details I have been seeing via their Instagram. Walking through the gate your first reaction is wow at your surroundings. Most importantly is the feeling Vacay Co evokes, that being relaxation and the complete sense of being by the beach. This unique and fresh twist on coastal living is seeing this Airbnb soar in popularity and bookings.


Situated in the beach side town of Mooloolaba, an hour and half drive from Brisbane. Mooloolaba is the ideal location for you to take in what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Vacay Co is about six minutes out of the centre of Mooloolaba, where a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops are. Not to mention the pristine beaches that Queensland and the Sunshine Coast are known for. In addition to having Mooloolaba at your doorstep, the likes of Noosa with the array of fantastic shopping and eateries is forty-six minutes away. An hour and eighteen minutes away is Bribie Island perfect for those that love to 4WD and days by the beach. If you love nature and hiking, there is plenty of mountains to choose from to hike. The most popular climb is Mount Beerwah.

The Pool House

Living Room/Kitchen

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Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

The entire premise of Vacay Co is blurring the lines between outside and inside living. This is first seen through the bifold doors, allowing you to open up the kitchen onto the patio. As well as the living room onto the grass, where a fire pit sits. The focal point of the all black kitchen is the statement making six burner Smeg oven. Timber floating shelves allows the natural elements seen throughout the loft to come out. Accents of black tying into the overall kitchen design as well as a pop of green from a plant breaks the minimal colour palette. A truly unique and personally my favourite element of the kitchen is the gorgeous lime washed brick wall accompanied by a jagged render, evoking a more relaxed feeling against the all black kitchen.

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Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

Industrial polished concrete floors feature throughout the bottom story. Walking from the kitchen into the living area, the vastness and sheer scale of the New York loft inspired build unfolds before your eyes. The mezzanine bedroom sees the living area open to double height ceilings, leaving you in awe of your surrounds. The size of this is accentuated by floor to ceiling glass and sheer black curtains, draped ever so perfectly in the corners of the living room. Colour and texture come to play within the living room via a velvet green sofa and textured rug. Adding to the New York loft aesthetic is the addition of a bookcase sitting on the bedroom level. Of course a ladder is waiting for you to browse through the books and take a peak at the objects sitting above.


Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

A design element which I personally love is the oh so cool loft inspired bedroom allowing you to take in the palm leaves at their height via the perfectly placed windows. A Koala mattress is there to rest your head after a long day by the beach or pool. Wooden floorboards add a more coastal feel, along with plants sitting beside the bed. Minimal bedding is ideal, allowing the focus to be on the tall ceiling height. As well as the gorgeous light sitting above the living room area.

Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

White Carrara marble tiles welcome you into the bright and fresh bathroom. Stepping in the shower is seamless with the only indications of where it is being the shower head, taps and drainage. A wooden bench magically hovers above the ground where a concrete basin sits. Subtle design features such as the concrete basin and iron surround mirror incorporate the industrial inspired decor seen down stairs. A stay is not fulfilled without white robes, two hang off grey rocks with Vacay Co embroidered on their backs.

Outdoor Area

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Vacay Co is all about allowing the outside and inside to become one. The entire aim of this property is to truly showcase the Queensland lifestyle and what living on the Sunshine Coast has to offer. This being days spent by the pool and endless amounts of entertaining outdoors. This entire premise is first seen as soon as you walk into the gate. The pool greets you with an undercover patio area where a bench seat accompanies palm leaf deck chairs. A six seater wooden table sits on the patio area. A bench in the corner, where a window that opens up to the kitchen is in front of it creating the ease of handing through food or drinks.  A fire pit beside the living room allows for an area to relax under the stars and toast those marshmallows.

Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

The Palm House

Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

The Palm House is the recent addition to Vacay Co. Boasting three bedrooms, allowing six people to stay as well as a living room and kitchen. A more coastal approach in the decor choices compared to the accompanying pool house. Light wooden floor boards, white walls and high ceilings are seen throughout. The decor is subtle, a black surfboard sits in the corner of the dining room creating a fantastic contrast to the lightness around it. Artwork and dark woods accentuate the coastal living vibe. The Palm House is available to rent from March.

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Checking In: Vacay Co - Codie Zofia

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Vacay Co

To check in to Vacay Co, be sure to go over to their Airbnb listing and book yourself a stay at this gorgeous property. For a good dose of holiday vibes and interior decor goals, go and follow Vacay Co on Instagram