Isabelle Quinn – Parisian Vibes

Isabelle Quinn - Parisian Vibes - Codie Zofia

Have you ever experienced an outfit which transports you to another place? Isabelle Quinn has succeeded with designs that have done just that. Satin, lace, fur and black. These four elements instantly transported me to Paris. Combining them is so extremely chic and luxurious. Needless to say when I put this stunning combination on I felt the urge to be walking the streets of Paris and possibly indulging in macarons along the way.

Gold Coast designer, Isabelle Quinn has forever been a favourite of mine. Discovering her on Instagram years ago, I instantly fell in love with her feminine, yet strong designs. Each collection she creates I want to order it all. When the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was released, this was the case. The La Verne Slip Dress is a luxurious black satin slip. Shoestring straps with a square neckline compliment lace detailing on the mid length slip. A mid length slip always is a struggle being 5ft1, however surprisingly this wasn’t as long as I expected.

Isabelle Quinn: Parisian Vibes - Codie Zofia

When I saw the Leon Mongolian Fur Coat, I knew it was a match made in heaven. An oversized Mongolian fur jacket, it is a fabulous combination of chic, extravagance and pure warmth. As a result it is a piece that as soon as you put it on you feel powerful and as if you can take on the world. Or the streets of Paris, baguette and macarons in hand. In addition to being all of these things and more, the jacket sits at 53cm in length, a perfect length for someone of my height and to pair with high waisted jeans for perfect proportions.

Isabelle Quinn - Parisian Vibes - Codie Zofia

With the statement making jacket, accessories are minimal. Opting for a minimalist dream in heels, the Tony Bianco Sierra in black lycra. The Tony Bianco Sierra is a black lycra mule with an elasticised strap and toe thong. Likewise the heel is minimal, however adds a fun twist as it is a curved covered block heel. Having a shoe obsession, I saw these beauties and quickly added them to my collection. Adding to the French vibes I called upon the trustworthy French male, Yves Saint Laurent for accessories. The Saint Laurent Kate small black satchel, adds to the already classy and chic vibes. My trustworthy Saint Laurent arty ovale ring is back to save me on the accessories front. Due to these minimalist, yet elegant accessories it allows the statement making jacket and slip to leave a lasting impact and for them all to compliment one another.

Isabelle Quinn: Parisian Vibes - Codie Zofia

Above all is not just the way the Leon Mongolian Fur jacket and Le Verne slip looks. More importantly it is the way these pieces make you feel. Stunning designs, extremely well made, also the love and passion Isabelle Quinn has for her designs radiates throughout. As a result you are left feeling powerful. Even more important is that you feel gorgeous because there is nothing truly like an outfit that makes you feel that way.

Isabelle Quinn: Parisian Vibes - Codie Zofia

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Isabelle Quinn, Tony Bianco & YSL

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