Lacey in the Alex Perry Bartley dress

I can 100% admit that I absolutely love getting dressed up. I love pretty dresses, high heels (not only to help me in the height department) and I can’t go past equally stunning accessories. Throw in an iconic Australian designer, white lace and long draped sleeves and I am there. The Alex Perry Bartley dress is the perfect mix of romanticism. While having a modern twist and the long sleeves add a complete Daenery’s Targaryen vibe. Seeing it online, I instantly knew that it was going to win me over and it certainly did. 

Alex Perry Bartley Dress - Codie Zofia

The juxtapose of the white lace against the use of shoulder pads, adds an element of strength all the while being soft and feminine. Alex Perry’s execution of this dress and the fit itself is perfection. Lace usually doesn’t win me over. However in this instance the design and use of lace compliments each other so well that I have fallen in love. If you know me well, you will know that I have an obsession with white. For me personally, the white is by far the better colour compared to the neon pink this dress was also designed in. As a result of the choice of white, it adds to the already romantic and whimsical vibes of this gorgeous dress. You know a dress is a winner when while you are photographing it, a little girl calls you a princess to her mum….Alex Perry Bartley Dress - Codie ZofiaAlex Perry Bartley Dress - Codie Zofia

Needless to say with a dress as gorgeous as this, the accessories had to be a statement all while being on the simpler side. I am a girl that loves her gold, you will most likely never see me wearing silver. So of course, with the opulence of the sleeves and me being me, gold was only fitting. I don’t particularly wear much jewellery, you may see me wearing a necklace on the odd occasion. But one thing is for certain, I will always be wearing one of my Saint Laurent rings. This particular Saint Laurent has been with me for seven years and by far my most worn. It has a point of difference, while being elegant and modern all at the same time. Yet again, Saint Laurent has made an appearance. No better way then via a Kate chain bag in a pale gold metallic, which adds the perfect amount of shimmer. The Alex Perry Bartley dress needed a classic, yet modern take on an elegant style of shoe. Hence why a gold metallic pointed toe shoe made the cut. No longer available from Asos, because they have sat in my wardrobe for close to two years unworn!

Alex Perry Bartley Dress - Codie Zofia Alex Perry Bartley Dress - Codie Zofia

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on my new way of editing. What is your favourite aspect of this outfit?


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