monthly packages

Monthly packages are a service that CZC is extremely excited to provide to businesses world wide. They were designed in order to make your life as a business easier. No need to stress over creating on brand content to post to your socials or website each month because that is what we are here to do! 

Due to the custom nature of this package, a minimum spend per month is required. As long as the minimum spend is reached you have the ability to choose the services along with how many images, stop motions to graphics.

Please scroll down for further information regarding how the monthly package works and what is involved. 


Due to the custom nature of the monthly packages, you can select how many images you would like per month based on your business needs. Whether this is due to how frequently you post or that you have a new product launch you need content for, each month you have the choice on how many images. A recommended amount is 10 – 20 images per month.


An eye capturing way of showcasing your products is via stop motions. Stop motions consist of several photos where one or more elements are being moved in order to create a video. They are perfect for social media content, websites or marketing material. As the monthly packages are customisable, you have the choice of how many stop motions you would like.


Not only do you have the option to choose from the photography and stop motion services on offer, but due to the custom nature of the monthly packages you can select other services. This includes such things as graphic design, reel/video creation and Instagram curation. 



At the start of each month you will receive a questionnaire allowing you to choose the direction for that month. This includes any products you would like to focus on, how many images, stop motions and any other services. Along with this you can choose the creative direction including colour palette, props and styling direction. 


Once the questionnaire is submitted and the direction for the shoot is determined, it is time to get creating. Each month the same week is allocated for the content to be taken, this allows for ease of schedule and to allow you time to post the content from the previous month before the new content is ready to be delivered. 


After the photography process is complete, I will start editing your photos. Editing will consist of perfecting the overall image including exposure, contrast, sharpness, colour correction, removing and replacing of backgrounds, removing reflections and marks from packaging etc. This is where your images truly come to life.


Now that the photography and editing process is complete, it is time for the photos to be sent. Once the payment is made, the visuals will be sent via a Google Drive folder. This is when you are able to download the images and start using them!


If you are wanting the ease of on brand and gorgeous visuals for your brand for socials, website and email and a aspect of your business to be taken care of in order to make your life easier, please reach out via email to If you would like a quote based on your requirements, please click the link below.