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My room has been something that has changed with me growing and developing as a person and my sense of style. Over the years I have matured, my style has changed and my room has definitely been a reflection of just that. My room has come quite a long way, very much like I have and my room is even a representation of where I was/am in life.

A room should express who you are as a person and what brings joy in your life. When one enters, they should get a sense of your passions, your taste and a slight insight into you overall. I hope that through the way I have decorated my room, it gives off that aurora.

Where I lay my head… 


DSC05144 copyDSC05136

I look back at how my room looked previously, I had no bedhead and these little side tables just stood by their lonesome. When I saw this bed in Harvey Norman, it was a glorious lightbulb moment and a symphony of music played… It didn’t technically go like that but I knew that I needed this bed. A combination of sheer elegance and old world charm, while having a slight modern twist appealed to me greatly. I knew I wanted something simple yet classic for a quilt cover, this Logan & Mason quilt cover in grey and white stripes with black piping detail fitted perfectly into the look I was envisioning. Playing with textures via throw blankets and pillows adds dimension and a luxurious feel to any room.

Where I be productive…. 

Desk CollageDSC05138 copy

Ikea, Ikea, Ikea… Do I need to say anything else? My love for Ikea is difficult to put into words. On one of many adventures to Ikea, I came across this desk for a steal of $30. Being the avid traveller and having severe wanderlust, I knew it was meant to be and a great display of my love for travel. I wanted to create a space where I once worked into the long hours of the night on uni assignments, blog and get the creative  juices flowing that would inspire me. Through a cork board I painted white, I created my inspiration board that I fill with pictures that spark my creativity and inspire. I love flowers, if you can’t tell by the numerous vases in my room filled with them. They add an extra something special and I believe add life (even if fake) to a space.

Where the little details hide…. 

Bed and details

 With the sheer presence of the bedhead, I felt like it needed to be balanced out by smaller frames in black above my bedside tables. Another Ikea purchase that were once white, I painted them black and went on Etsy to find two prints that were very me. The bedside tables have been in my room since I was sixteen, as much I once loved them I now have outgrown them and I can not wait to find bedside tables that go with the overall ambiance of my room. Little glimpses of who I am and my interests can be seen by placing items that display my love for fashion and travel. From shopping bags from my favourite stores, fashion magazines and travel books. Even a gorgeous designer handbag placed on my bedside table.

Watch my room tour video below…. 

Thank you for reading!




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