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Glam Affair - Codie Zofia

As a makeup artist, Gold Coast local Crystal Dawson saw a gap in the market when it came to finding great makeup minus the chemicals. A decision to start educating friends in the application of makeup, progressed into a makeup line being created and that is when Glam Affair was born. Glam Affair’s philosophy is focused on allowing women to feel beautiful, with the knowledge that their makeup is free from chemicals and toxins. From the inspiration of starting, the years and years of research and tips for creating your own makeup line. This is Glam Affair’s ever developing story within the Australian beauty landscape.

Ruby mineral lipstick - Codie Zofia

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and Glam Affair.

I’m a mum of two beautiful babies and wife to my perfect hubby Brendan. I have a blessed life living on the Gold Coast in the sunshine and working on my business! Glam Affair is really about women who want to look and feel beautiful and still appreciate the girly aspects of life. But have no time for to much primping and fussing because they are busy taking over the world in their own unique way.

2. How did Glam Affair come to be?

Glam Affair came about after years of having friends ask me for help with makeup. I realised there was a gap in the market for those who wanted skills in makeup, but weren’t into the flashy makeup you see in Youtube tutorials. From there the business progressed and I established the line of cosmetics.

Glam Affair - Codie ZofiaGlam Affair - Codie Zofia

3. What inspired you to create your own makeup brand?

I myself am allergic to so many “chemicals” in makeup. I often wouldn’t be able to wear much myself, so I went looking for products and ingredients that anyone could wear no matter how bad your skin was. The search was actually really hard, 10 years ago mineral makeup was only new so finding all the information took a long time and crafting the products to be unique for the brand took many years. It didn’t happen over night!

4. What was the process in creating your own makeup brand?

It was a really long process starting with one or two products and testing them on myself and friends to make sure no one had reactions. The fun part came when I got to chose colours and names.

As the brand has progressed we have been able to shift a little from all mineral to include non toxic makeup to move with the times. It’s been an exciting process especially when new products come along. However, it is also frustrating as the manufacturing in Australia is so behind and very expensive. So finding the right manufacturer in a small pool has been hard. But we have good relationships with suppliers and amazing quality control processes to make sure the end product is perfect for our customers.

5. Why did you decided to choose mineral based makeup?

Unfortunately I can’t wear MAC or Napoleon lipsticks, as they make my lips blister! I went through lots of different brands and different trial and error processes and many blistered lips! I finally found the ingredients that didn’t harm me in any way and the product range grew from there.

6. What is the philosophy behind Glam Affair?

We want all women to feel beautiful not just those born with the skills of a makeup artist. I feel today many women are under so much pressure to be something they really aren’t and our brand represents them. We all still want to be beautiful and feel “pretty” but we just don’t have the time or care for model like makeup. Most of us have less than 5 minutes a day to get ready and most of us have products in our cabinet we never use. Glam Affair products can be worn anywhere, mixed and matched to give you more time, space and cash in your wallet all the while leaving you feeling like a million dollars!

Glam Affair - Codie Zofia

7. How do you want women to feel when wearing Glam Affair?

Like a million dollars. You are 100% ready to go and rule the world that day.

8. What is one tip you can offer women when it comes to finding the right makeup?

Always test with samples especially if buying online! You don’t want to get stuck with a product that isn’t right and that you wont use! Glam Affair have samples of all our shades so you know what your getting! There is nothing worse than a draw full of makeup you don’t use, it is like looking at a bunch of cash you can’t spend!


9. Any tips for applying mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup often gets a bad wrap but it is actually very versatile and easy to apply. Always start with a primer and use small amounts on a kabuki brush at a time. When you first pop it on your face, I always tell people to push the product into the face so you don’t end up with it everywhere. Then you use small circular motions called “buffing” to spread it over your face. Mineral makeup is really easy to layer so you can use it very lightly for day then layer up for evening for more coverage. The bonus is you can mix minerals with things like moisturiser and make yourself a BB cream!

10. Do you have any advice for someone that is wanting to start their own makeup line?

Here in Australia the market place is crowded with small makeup lines so research everything and have a point of difference. You need to stand out from the crowd!


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