On Brand Photography – Top Four Reasons Why It Is Important For Your Business

On brand photography - Codie Zofia

Have you ever seen a brands Instagram or website and the photos are incredible? As a result the brand and products you are left remembering. On brand photography plays a vital role in delivering and enhancing your brands personality. As well as allowing you to stand out from your competitors. I assist businesses in creating gorgeous and on brand photos in order for their products to shine. Therefore I find it extremely important to deliver on brand photography to businesses. Due to knowing the impact it has on the business, in terms of brand positioning, connecting with customers and brand image.

Creating a strong brand image and recognition

High quality photos instantly create a connection between customer and brand. More importantly, is that high quality images gain attention to your brand. Due to using average quality photos for your brand, this will devalue it. The old saying of first impressions last a lifetime applies to photography. Via the use of amazing photography your impression on a potential customer viewing your website or Instagram is going to be rememberable.

Showcasing your products through on brand photography

On brand photography allows your products to be in an environment that reflects your brand and the product itself. Consequently this positions your products to be showcased. Having your products photographed and styled with complimentary props and colours, allows the products to shine and for the customers eyes and attention to be drawn to it. The below images are an example of showcasing the products through colours, styling and props for my client, Love Lilou. Being all natural products, the focus was through greens and wood and a use of greenery and flowers to relate to nature.

Love Lilou - Codie Zofia Love Lilou - Codie Zofia
Consistency via photography 

A perfect example of creating consistency through photography is The Daily Edited. The Daily Edited is constantly producing content that incorporates their brand colour palette. Not to mention constantly using elements throughout their images to create consistency. For example, the use of flowers and desserts for props and marble and pink backgrounds. As a result of the consistent use of elements, the images are synonymous with the brand. In turn the consistency assists in developing a strong brand image via the use of colours, props and editing. Via this  your customers will instantly be able to tell it is you before even seeing your business name.

Consistency is key for the development of shoots I do for my clients. An example of using consistency was for my client Nordik. The direction was feminine, a use of flowers, desserts and pinks. Via this I sourced appropriate props to suit the brief. The below images are examples of how I used consistency through images for Nordik.

Nordik- Codie Zofia Nordik- Codie Zofia

Peaks interest and becomes rememberable

Discovering a new brand, I instantly make my way to their Instagram. If there is an abundance of high quality and gorgeous photography of their products, needless to say it grabs my attention. Due to this I spend time scrolling through their feed and will move onto their website. Because of the on brand photography, not to mention high quality photography it peaks your customers interest. More importantly from peaking their interest, it will turn into becoming rememberable. Through the use of strong on brand photography, your target public will remember your business and products.

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