The Perfect Set featuring Bec & Bridge

I have previously posted regarding my love for Australian label Bec & Bridge. Needless to say this blog is another homage to Bec & Bridge. Specifically the cult Clover set that you most likely have seen all over your Instagram feeds. Released in sky blue, ivory and black – this set is ideal for occasions like birthdays, the races and even as a wedding guest. To add to my love for this set, it is Australian made!

My 5ft1 self saw difficulties with the length of the skirt. However, in saying this it appears to make me look taller and I felt fantastic in it. A blend of polyester and elastane sees the fabric being sturdy yet soft. It hugs you in all the right places and accentuates your curves perfectly.

Bec & Bridge Clover Set - Codie Zofia

The Clover crop is a bonded crepe twist crop seeing a twist situated in the middle of the bust. The excellent design curves down around the torso, which creates instantly flattering lines. I felt incredible in this top, in saying this though I wore this after my breast augmentation surgery. I believe that if I wore this while being extremely insecure regarding my chest area that I wouldn’t have felt as great. I also don’t think it would have fitted me as well as it did.

Bec & Bridge Clover Set - Codie Zofia

I wore this set in the sky blue and the colour is perfection. Believe me when I say I love my blacks and neutrals but sometimes, especially for certain events a pop of colour is exactly what you need. This colour is gorgeous and easily styled with neutrals. A clear heel or simple strappy heel, paired with a neutral clutch is simple but effective.

Bec & Bridge Clover Set - Codie Zofia Bec & Bridge Clover Set - Codie Zofia

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